About kitsune journal


I'm Japanese living in Kansai-nearby Osaka.I want to share my favorite spot and things in Kansai (Mainly Osaka and Kobe.) with my art journal.

I love stationery,drawing and cat!

3 specific feature of this site

  1. Specialized Kansai around Osaka
  2. Art journal and lifelog
  3. International exchange

Traveler's notebook

traveler's notebook image

"spend each and every day of your life as a day in a journey"

The notebook I use is Traveler's notebook.(Official site>>>)

From the day I got this unique and beautiful notebook,I've tried documenting my life as a journey.Then,I become able to find the joy in daily life and become active! I hang around Osaka with this notebook.

Since Oct 2014, I've uproaded my journals to Instagram.(kitsune-journal on Instagram)There,I meet so many lovely people link with love and interest.

1 year notebooks

They love stationery and Japan.And I found Kansai - where I live is one of the biggest travel spot in Japan. I got many comments from people who traveled Kansai or will travel Kansai.

Then,I had an idea - make a website about Travel Kansai and Stationery- that is what you see right now!

I hope this site would enrich your trip to Kansai. Have a nice trip!

My boyfriend and cat

They appear frequently In my journal.

♥ My boy friend

my boyfriend

He loves food and cooking.

♥ My Cat Sasha

My cat Sasha

Used to stray cat.She became our family since Mar 2015.


*Jan 2016*

interview on magazine 『毎日が輝く! 可愛い手帳づくり 』(tips for cute planner notebooks)

* May 2015*

Katha Magazine Issue 09 - April/May 2015: Nourish (I'm on page 21/64)


  • Articles are based the information at that time.It could be changed.
  • The photos in this site is published with proper authorization.
  • I hide irrelevance person's face in the photo.It's not ghost photo.
  • My English skill is imperfect.If you find fatal mistake, would you tell me?