la maison du chat noir's shop inside

La Maison du Chat Noir is cat goods specialty shop at Kitahama Osaka.This small shop is filled with retro cat goods!

Not only cat motif goods,there are also some goods for cat - neck collor,cat toy etc.You maight be able to get a travel souvenir for your cat.

It's not far from Umeda or Shinsaibashi.Accessibility is not bad,but it opens only 3 days a week(Thu.Fri.Sat).And it opens from 13:00~.So you need to check your schedule before visiting this shop.

Art journal about the shop on Traveler's notebook

That retro illustration of cat and girl is shop card.So lovely.

The cat goods store run by cat interior designers

cat goods on counter table

La Maison du Chat Noir is run by interior designers.They also deal with interiors for living with cat.

porcelain cats

At this store,you will find lovely retro cat goods.Some of them are vintage and antique.

la maison du chat noir's shop inside part2

This shop is small but it takes long to see all goods.

Various retro cat goods

cat figures

From a show case,small cat figures are watching customers.

vintage postcards with cat illustration

Old post cards with cat illustration.

cat shaped charms

Great variation of cat shaped charms and buttons.I'd like to put them on my Traveler's notebook!

cat accessory

Cat accessories - brooch,necklace,bangle・・・

cat stamps

I bought cat stamps assortment and some charms.I was amazed there are wide variety of cat stamps in the world.

Sigh...I can't stop buying cat things forever...!


※at June 2016

appearance of la maison du chat noir


Seiwa BLD 1F

Doshomachi 1-3-4 Chuo-ku, Osaka-city

(大阪府大阪市中央区道修町1-3-4セイワビル1階 )

Nearby station

Osaka Municipal subway Kitahama station(大阪市営地下鉄 北浜駅)3mins walk

※Watch out.This station is not on Midosuji-line.It's on Sakaisuji-line.

You'd better ask station attendant of Osaka Municipal subway how to change the line.

Route from the station

way to le maison du chat noir1

Out from Exit No5 of Kitahama station.And go straight.

way to le maison du chat noir2

You will see this black old Japanese style house.

Go along with it.

way to le maison du chat noir3

Cross at the crosswalk and turn left.

way to le maison du chat noir4

You will find La maison du chat noir on right side.

Open Hour


Open day


Official site

※Japanese text only

Relative spot

Lovely cat goods specialty shop ! Neko Mart【Shop】




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