art journal about Ikuta shrine

Ikuta shrine is one of the oldest shrines in Kobe since 201.It is said that The origin of city name "Kobe" is from this shrine.

Ikuta shrine Kobe

Sannomiya is very busy motley shopping town.Among multitenant buildings,this beautiful shrine suddenly appears.

gate of Ikuta shrine

Passing under 2 Torii gate,you will see vivid Japanese colors.Side of the gate,there are shops where you can get good-luck charm and omikuji oracle.And this shrine sells original Gosyuin-cho.

main shrine of Ikuta shrine

This is the main shrine.If you are very lucky,you can see Japanese Shinto style marriage ceremony.

Lined up torii gates of Inari shrine

Torii gate of Ikuta shrine

In the shrine site,there are some small shrines.This is Torii gate line to Inari shrine.

Inari shrine at Ikuta shrine

This Inari is also beautiful but not so crowding.It means here is good photo shoot spot.

Historic forest in the shrine and water foerune-telling

Forest of Ikuta

There is a forest behind the main shrine.This is traces of an ancient battle field.

Forest of Ikuta2

This forest is small but clean and calm surrounded by busy shopping town.

Spring of Ikuta forest

At the inner part of the forest,there is a spring.


At the shrine gete side shop,you can get Mizuuranai Mikuji (water fortune-telling).And it tells your state of luck when you soak it into the spring.


Letters rise up but it's Japanese text only.

Check the top and bottom circle.Top one is your general luck.(大吉=super lucky 中吉=lucky 吉=so so 小吉=not so bad 凶=Bad luck) Bottom circle tells your luck of romance.The number of flowers getting color represents your romance luck grade.


※at May 2016


Shimoyamate-Dori 1-2-1 Chuouku Kobe

(神戸市中央区下山手通1−2−1 )

Access of Ikuta shrine

The shrine is on the back of Tokyu Hands Sannomiya.

Nearby station

JR Sannomiya station (JR三宮駅)10 mins walk

Hankyu Sannomiya station (阪急 三宮駅)10 mins walk

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Open every day

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