Kobe port is beautiful spot with symbolic landmarks.And It's nice to get a sight from sea ! There are 40 mins short bay cruise tours.

Cruising Cafe Fantasy


Me and my boy friend rode this cute cruiser - Fantasy .It is called "Cruising Cafe". The interior is like cozy cafe!



There are souvenir shop and cafe shop.(On the table, you'll find Menu book!) You can order drinks and snacks :-)


If your visiting is in the mild weather season, the deck seat is also nice! You can enjoy fresh air and sea breeze~


This is 1st floor of Fantasy. It's not cafe style. :-( But you can watch the scenery from the wide window calmly.

Scenery from the cruiser


Mosaic(seaside shopping mall) and a ferris wheel.


The dockyard.


The lighthouse.


The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge. The longest suspension bridge in the world.


Kobe air port.

※Scenery guide announcement is available only in Japanese.Watch everyone watching~

How to ride the cruiser


This is the terminal KAMOMERIA. You can get the cruising ticket at here ! (advance reservations not required)

It is located next to Kobe port tower.


Ticket counter inside of KAMOMERIA.

There are 2 cruiser company.

Kobe bay cruise : Ocean prince / Royal princess

Kobe sea bus : Fantasy

In my opinion, the big difference is visual and interior of cruiser.(Check out from the link on cruiser name) The price difference is only 100 yen. The time required is almost same 40 mins and almost same route.

Choose by your cruiser favor or the next departure time.(Each cruisers departs every hour)


Yay! I got tickets~

In front of KAMOMERIA is cruiser landing place.You have to be there 15 mins before the departure time.


Next to the ticket counter, there is commemorative stamps of KAMOMERIA ! Please don't miss it ;-)

Have a nice trip~

Information (at November 2015)


«Ocean prince / Royal princess»

Adult : ¥1,100

Junior-high school / High school : ¥900

Over65 : ¥ 900

Kid : ¥550


Adult : ¥1,200

Junior-high school / High school : ¥1,000

Over65 : ¥ 1,000

Kid : ¥600


Hatobacho 7-1 Chuo-ku Kobe Hyogo

(兵庫県神戸市 中央区波止場町7−1)

Nearby Station

●JR Kobe station (JR神戸駅) 12 mins walk

●JR Motomachi station(JR元町駅)13 mins walk

※Go toward Kobe port tower.(There are many signs and you will see the tower from Kobe station.)

Cruise ticket center is next to the tower.

Open hour of ticket center Kamomeria

Weekday: 8:30~20:30

Weekend & Holiday:8:15~21:00

Last departure


Ocean prince:16:15

Royal princess :16:45

※It's for basic day.In special holiday season,or by the weather condition, It might be changed.


Open everyday

Official site

«Fantasy»Japanese text only


«Ocean prince / Royal princess»Japanese text only


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