Tokae candles in Nara

Tokae (燈花会) is a summer candle festival held in Nara.About 20,000 candles are lit up in large space containing Todaiji-temple.

It's also fun to compare the scenery at day with at night.

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Tokae official site (English/中文/한글로/français)

Art journal about Tokae candles

To watch around large space with bad road among crowd of people,I advise you to wear easy-walking shoes.

Tokae candles at Sarusawa-ike pond

At Sarusawa-ike(猿沢池) pond.At day, you will see many turtles sunbathing.

Over the pond,we can see five storied pagoda of Kohukuji-temple.

five storied pagoda of Kohukuji-temple in the night

Five storied pagoda of Kohukuji-temple is majestic with the light.

Tokae candle at Ukimido

This is Ukimido-gazebo(浮見堂).On the pond under Ukimido,people enjoy boat paddling.(There are long queue!)

Nara park deer at night

Even it is night,some deers walk around.

Todaiji-temple at special night open day

Todaiji-temple is also the candle spot. And it opens at night specially on 13,14 Aug.(Till 21 PM)

Buddha face from the window of Todaiji-temple

Opening the central window of temple is also special event.Through the window, you can see the face of grand statue of Buddha.

Tokae candles

Warm candle light is healing and bell cricket's chirping tells the end of summer...



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Nearby station

JR Nara station (JR奈良駅)20 mins walk

Kintetsu Nara station (近鉄奈良駅)10 mins walk

Open hour



Middle of August

▼Check the date of the year

Tokae official site (English/中文/한글로/français)




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