Osaka charkha stationery shop

CHARKHA is Stationery and Eastern Europe goods shop at Osaka Tanimachi.Shop staffs visit Eastern Europe like Czech and buy-in these retro paper and goods directly.So the product lineup of this shop is unique.There are also shop original paper goods.

These lovely papers whips up our imagination-How do you use them?It's a joyful problem.

Paper with a profound atmosphere

retro paper from East Europ

Charkha calls paper with profound atmosphere paper "Aji-gami".Old ticket,shop paper bag and so,there are paper goods conjuring up an image of simple daily life of Eastern Europe.

They have mysterious charm.That makes us want to take them home.

Retro stamps

Stamps with images like copperplate prints.There are also vintage handwriting letter and beer label that has signs of local life.

Charkha notebooks

Cloth cover notebooks with nostalgic color and touch.Insert paper is interesting.It would be fun to think witch pen should I use.

CHARKHA original - Craft Paper Love

craft paper love products

There are CHARKHA original paper goods.This line is called "Craft Paper Love".Fox holding a letter is the trademark.

craft paper memobook

This craft memo pad is made from kraft rare paper with vertical stripes. Other than "Kraft Paper Love",they sell many original goods.Envelops with nostalgic prints,label,post cards etc.

CHARKHA also publish some books about paper and travel journal of Eastern Europe.I read one of them. And I learned their original goods is made with so much love with help of craftsman. So their products have warm and profound atmosphere.

Craft materials


Not only papers,but also these craft materials from Eastern Europe are lovely with nostalgic color.At the shop entrance,there are many beads in jar.

fabric button

Fabric buttons.They appear to be from folk costume.

Daily goods

teaset from Hungary

Cute teaset from Hungary.

hat pins

At the interior of shop,there is a large chest of drawers.You will find beautiful things in each drawers.

pencils from Czechoslovakia These colorful pencils are from Czechoslovakia era.

Traveler's notebook journal-CHARKHA

Rough touch paper,sunburned glassine,aged paper ...Every papers of CHARKHA has warmth and beloved taste.

Recently I can find many retro design stationery goods in mass retailers but goods in CHARKHA is very different from them.They are real with history and local life feeling.Please pick up and take a look them at the store.They will inspire you and fit with your notebook or letter.

Information (at March 2016)

Osaka Charkha entrance


Kawarayamachi 1-5-23 Chuou-ku Osaka-city


Nearby station

Osaka Municipal Subway>Tanimachi-line/Nagahoritsurumiryokuchi-line

Tanimachirokuchome station

(大阪市営地下鉄谷町線・長堀鶴見緑地線 谷町六丁目駅) 

Out from exit No4 and walk 6 mins.

Osaka Municipal Subway>Nagahoritsurumiryokuchi-line

Matsuyamachi station

(大阪市営地下鉄長堀鶴見緑地線 松屋町駅) 

Out from exit No3 and walk 5 mins3

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Monday and Tuesday

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