Traveler's notebook artjournal about Hanadako

Hanadako is one of the famous Takoyaki(octopus dumplings) shop in Umeda.People make a queue in front of the shop.

Counter table and cooking space of Hanadako

They make Takoyaki very fast.So don't mind the waiting time even if there would be a queue.

When you order,they will ask you "Take out or Eat in".There is counter table to eat Takoyaki.People eat Takoyaki standing there.


"Negi-Mayo"(ねぎマヨ) is popular menu.Takoyaki topped with plenty of fresh green onion and mayonnaise! Can you find Takoyaki in the green?

※If you order "Takoyaki",they will serve you Normal Takoyaki without green onion.

Octopus of Hanadako's Takoyaki

Hanadako's Takoyaki is large! They serve you chopsticks because picks are useless to eat this Takoyaki. It's so soft and yummy with crispiness of green onion.Octopus is fresh and chewy.

This will make you happy and full!


※at May 2016


Shin-Umeda Shokudogai 9-26 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka

(大阪市北区角田町9-26 新梅田食堂街)


・Out from Midosuji South Gate (御堂筋南口) of JR Osaka station

・Cross the crossing zone toword Hankyu Department store

・Turn left and you'll see the entrance of Shin Umeda Shokudougai.

・The most front store is Hanadako

Nearby station

JR Osaka station(JR大阪駅)3mins

Hankyu Umeda station(阪急 梅田駅)1mins

Osaka Municipal subway Umeda station(大阪市営地下鉄 梅田駅)3mins

Hanshin Railway Umeda sutation (阪神電車 梅田駅)3mins

Open hour



Open every day


¥ 180 ~

Negi-Mayo (6 Takoyakis) :520yen

Relative or Near spot

Ikayaki (another local snack food) of Hanshin Department store.

Cat goods shop Neko Mart




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