artjournal of HEPFIVE

When you come to Umeda-one of the most largest busy city in Osaka-,you will see this red ferris wheel among skyscrapers.

Ferris wheel at Umeda Osaka

{View from JR Osaka station}

And you will find this ferris wheel is set on a building.

Whale of HEP FIVE

{The entrance of HEP FIVE}

The building is called HEP FIVE.This is a large fashion building for young fashionista people.

I always feel I was getting old when I visit this building.Sigh...

Up to 7th floor through teenager crowds↑

Ticket of HEP FIVE

Get a ticket.It costs only 500yen:-)

Fashion floors are always crowded but I've never seen long queue at ticket counter.

Ride a Ferris wheel

{On one gondola,4 people can ride.}

You will see how the ferris wheel is attached to the building.

Speaker in Ferris wheel

There is a loud speaker in the gondola.

You can play your favorite music connecting your ipod or phone with this♪

Osaka landmarks map

On the window,there are guides of landmarks you can see from the ferris wheel.

Let's enjoy 365degree landscape from the sky!

JR Osaka sation from Ferris wheel

{JR Osaka station}

Umeda sky building from Ferris wheel

{Umeda Sky Building between 2 tower of Grand Front Osaka}

Osaka castle from Ferris wheel

{Osaka Castle}

Pichon-kun from Ferris wheel

{Pichon-kun:a character of an air conditioner company}

One round takes 15mins.

The highest point is 106meters aboveground.

It should be a impressive memory for you.

HEP FIVE ferris wheel illuminated

Night time view is also great.

You will see city light shining brilliantly.

Just watching lighted ferris wheel is romantic too!


※at Dec 2016


5-15 Kakuda-cho Kita-ku Osaka-city


Route from JR Osaka station

・Out from Midosuji South Gate (御堂筋南口) of JR Osaka station

・Cross the crossing zone toword Hankyu Department store

how to visit hep five1

・Go straight

how to visit hep five1

・Hankyu department appears on right side.

・Advance on a left diagonal.

how to visit hep five1

・Go out from the gate and look above the sky.

Nearby station

JR Osaka station(JR大阪駅)4mins

Hankyu Umeda station(阪急 梅田駅)3mins

Osaka Municipal subway Umeda station(大阪市営地下鉄 梅田駅)5mins

Hanshin Railway Umeda sutation (阪神電車 梅田駅) 5mins

Open hour



Irregular holidays

Check the next closing day↓

{Official web site:English,Korean,中文 texts}


¥ 500




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