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Maybe you know "Takoyaki" but how about "Ikayaki?

Ikayaki is one of the popular snack food of Osaka.Ikayaki is made of squid(=Ika in Japanese),wheat flour and sauce.

Next to Osaka station,there is Hanshin department store.Ikayaki of this department store is very famous and loved by locals.

I wish you try it because it's cheap and yum,even you can touch the local mind of Osaka!

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Taste of Ikayaki


Ikayaki's dough has springy texture and soup stock taste.Strip of squids are knead into the dough.Squid has unique elasticity. Appetizing sauce is folded into the dough.

Osaka people prefer baked wheat flour snacks called "Konamon"-like Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki.Ikayaki is one of them.

Ikayaki of Hanshin department

Ikayaki shop in Hanshin department store

You can get Ikayaki anywhere in Osaka but Ikayaki of Hanshin department store is very famous.This shop sells Ikayaki since 1957.Local people loves this shop for long.

People always make a queue in front of the Ikayaki shop.(Don't worry, they serves Ikayaki very fast and the queue flows smoothly)

The basic is original Ikayaki(¥152-at March 2016).And there are variation flavors containing welsh onion and egg.

Door of Hanshin department store

These is no eating space in the store.So people get out and eat standing at the space.


※at March 2016


1-13-13 Umeda Kita-ku Osaka

Hanshin department store Basement 1st floor

(大阪市北区梅田1丁目13番13号 阪神百貨店 地下1階)

Nearby station

JR Osaka station (JR大阪駅)

Hankyu Umeda station (阪急 梅田駅)

Osaka Municipal subway Umeda station (大阪市営地下鉄 梅田駅)

Hanshin Railway Umeda sutation (阪神電車 梅田駅)

Open hour


*It can change by season


Open every day

*Close new year's day


¥ 152 ~

Official site

Japanese text only

Relative or Near spot

551Horai (in front of the Ikayaki shop)

551 horai's steamed meat bum




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