Gokan(五感) means “The five senses”.I bet the sweets would make your five senses dreamy!


There are many classic buildings in Kitahama.The patisserie keeps the flagship store on such building.


The entrance tells you this patisserie is not ordinary one.(Actually,Sometimes there is a doorman.)

When you pass through the door, tempting aroma would come out to receive you.


Because 1st floor is sweets store attached to a sweets factory.


Large ovens are working to bake cakes,cookies and breads.


The 2nd floor is cafe&restaurant space.


The interior is chic like the exterior.

Splendid Brunch by Patisserie

# From 9:30 to 14:30,they serves Dejeuner-sets- Bread,salad,petit cake and drink.

This is quiche of seasonal vegetables set.You can choose croissant or brioche.This time,petit cake was gateau chocolat.


This is croque-madame.rich flavor melting cheese and soft boiled egg on a crunchy bread!


We took coffee.It had rich flavor.

Other menus

Other than dejeuner sets,you can enjoy morning french toast(AM 9:00-11:00),dessert french toast(PM2:30-),cakes and drinks,monthly special dessert(PM14:30-).



※At April 2017


Arai buliding,2-1-1 Imabashi,Chuo-ku,Osaka city

(大阪市中央区今橋2-1-1 新井ビル)

Nearby station

Osaka Municipal subway Kitahama station(大阪市営地下鉄 北浜駅)

Out from No.3 exit.3mins walk

※Watch out.This station is not on Midosuji-line.It's on Sakaisuji-line.

You'd better ask station attendant of Osaka Municipal subway how to change the line.

Open Hour

Weekday & Saturday: 9:30-20:00

Sunday & National holiday: 9:30-19:00

Open day


(close once in October and new years days)

Official site

※Japanese text only


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