artjournal about Osaka-mint Sakura Viewing

There are some famous Sakura(cherry blossom in Japan) spot in Osaka.And Osaka-Mint is the one of the most popular.


In the site,there is about 560m road with 349 Sakura threes.They open the road for public when Sakuras are full-blooming.You can enjoy various sakura and light up at night.

349 sakura with 133 variety

Sakura at Osaka-mint1

Officially,there are 133 variety of Sakura.You will be surprised how various they are!

Double-petaled,weeping form,yellow color,ball shape blooming etc....

standing board for Sakura

There are standing sighboards telling Sakura names and characteristics.

Sakura at Osaka-mint2

Sakura at Osaka-mint3

Sakura at Osaka-mint4

Sakura at Osaka-mint5

Sakura at Osaka-mint6

Sakura at Osaka-mint6

Sakura at Osaka-mint7

Some sakura flowers bloom in low position.You can watch them with very short range.

Stalls and surroundings

stalls at Osaka-mint

Out of the venue,you can enjoy stalls!There are many choice.Takoyaki,Yakisoba,Cotton candy....

※Eating and drinking is prohibited in Osaka-Mint.

Okonomiyaki stall at Osaka-mint

A stall baking Okonomiyaki.


Enjoy nice snacks viewing sakura and river~.

The date changes every year

The gate of Sakura viewing

That date changes every year depending on the climate.It's usually later than full-blooming timing of normal sakura.So if you miss common sakura season,you'd better to check Osaka-mint's web site(here).


2014:April 11~17

2015:April 9~15

2016:April 8~14



Tenma 1-1-79 Kita-ku Osaka-city


Nearby station

Osaka subway Tanimachi-ilne Temmabashi station


From the station,you need to walk about 15mins.

There are a lot of Signs to Osaka-Mint cherry blossom viewing.And so many people visit there.So follow the crowding.

Open hour


Official site

Relative or Near spot

Osaka castle




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