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Tsuyu no Tenjinjya has a long history of 1300years and famous for tragic love story "Sonezaki shinjyu".A couple of lovers suicided at here like "Romeo and Juliet" in the Edo period.People call this shrine "Ohatsu tenjin" named after the heroine of the story.

Now,It's popular as shrine of lovers. Single people make a wish of good matchaking. Couples make a pray for long lasting bonds.

This shrine is one of the nearest historical spots by JR Osaka station.You can visit there on foot in few minutes. If you have pockets of time,it's

Through a jumble shopping street

Ohatsutenjindori market street

This is the start of shopping street to the shrine.You will see this big image doll of Ohatsu. It's so scary when it is lighted up at Night time(^^;) This is a gate of the shopping street to the shrine,containing various stores and restaurants.This place is always full of energy with vulgarity.

A gate to Ohatsutenjin

End of the street,you will see a entrance of Tsuyu no Tenjinjya.

Shrine of matchmaking

Statue of tragic lovers

This statues are the hero and heroine of tragic love story "Sonezaki shinjyu"

※The outline of the story is here»»»»Tsuyu no Tenjinjya official website

So this is a date spot that couples promise the love to write a Ema(votive wooden tablet). And singles make a wish to get a good sweetheart.At the shrine shop,you can get good-luck charms for matchmaking.

Ema for being beauty

This is Ema for wishing to be a beauty.It's unique at here.

Other sight seeing spots

Inari shrine in Ohatsu tenjin

This shrine is not so large.But there are many things to check out.There are a Inari shrine of good business and a suitengu shrine of safe birth in the shrine.

Gods Cowshed

This is Gods Cowshed.There is a tradition this statue has miracle power of heal.Passing your hand over your sick or injured parts and the same parts of the cow by turns.

The comparison of the big urban city and the history of the shrine always makes me amaze.

Have a nice trip!


※at January 2016


2-5-4 Sonezaki Kita-Ku, Osaka


Check the access map on official web shite »»»»

Nearby station

JR Osaka station (JR大阪駅)

Osaka municipal subway Umeda station(大阪市営地下鉄 梅田駅)



※office and shop 9:00~18:00

Official website

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